inFactorIQ offers an End-to-end solution for SME loan originators, institutional investors, brokers, and borrowers through our IQ servicing and payments platform.  inFactorIQ is truly end-to-end and that’s what sets us apart.  By initiating the application process, creating loan documents, servicing the loans and processing all payments through our platform, inFactorIQ controls the entire data flow.  In turn we are able to grant all stakeholders real-time, secure access to unadulterated, verified data.


SME Originators

Scale your business

inFactorIQ provides all of the tools necessary for originators to source, approve, fund, and service small business loans.  The inFactorIQ platform processes borrower applications, verifies all borrower information via our API integrations, moves funds upon closing, services the loans, and provides real-time reporting to borrowers and investors alike.  Additionally, our user-friendly dashboards create a best-in-class experience for your small business clients, while our reporting API grants even your most sophisticated investors real-time access to their portfolios.  Spend less time on operational headaches and more time growing your business.


Make funding easier

inFactorIQ provides our borrowers with full visibility into the loan application, funding, and payments process.  User-friendly dashboards allow borrowers to seamlessly upload necessary information while our APIs gather additional borrower details saving both time and energy for all parties.  From there, borrowers will be able to view loan offerings directly through our platform and accept terms with one click of a button.  inFactorIQ will immediately fund borrower accounts and provide real-time insight into the borrower’s loan balance as payments are disbursed.


The Solution the market needs

Unlike other data providers who receive their data directly from loan Originators, inFactorIQ serves as a third-party data source that delivers real-time, verified data directly to our investor clients.  By initiating the borrower application process, creating loan documents, servicing the loans, and processing all payments through our platform, inFactorIQ controls the entire data flow, and in turn we are able to grant all investor partners secure access to unadulterated, verified data.  Whether investors decide to access their portfolios via our dynamic dashboards, bespoke excel reports, or tap in directly through our API, they can be sure that the data is up to date and authentic.


generate more business

inFactorIQ gives our broker partners the tools to close deals faster.  Once our brokers generate a lead, we pull all of the necessary borrower information that our originator partners require through our APIs.  From there, originators will use this data, underwrite the deal, and communicate the offer through the platform where our brokers can then present it directly to their borrowers.  Once the deal is funded, inFactorIQ will immediately pay the commission to the broker partner.  Additionally, inFactorIQ grants all of our broker clients real-time insight into the health of their deals via dynamic dashboards.